Colours for KnitBritish’s Hap-pening!

I have NO business doing this, but I made an impulse to purchase wool for the Knit British Hapalong, (Hap-KAL?) A hap is usually a square shawl, more like a blanket you can cuddle someone up in. Here's a bit about the history. I found out about it through Ravelry in the Knit British group.… Continue reading Colours for KnitBritish’s Hap-pening!

Lightfrost shawl in all Fyberspates yarn

This pattern, Lightfrost by Louise Zass-Bangham, alternates silky stripes with translucent stripes. My recent attempts at other knitting projects reminded me I'm still very much a beginner. So I decided to try this super simple triangle shawl. The graphic effect of the stripes is a good pay off for something rather simple. I've also learned… Continue reading Lightfrost shawl in all Fyberspates yarn

FInished: Dissent shawl by Lisa Mutch in Gotland

I finished this shawl. The wool fluffed up so much, it's lovely. Pattern: Dissent by Lisa Mutch. Wool: Gotland 4ply by Blacker YarnsI wrote about the start of this project earlier. I had seen a Colour Affection shawl and loved the idea of a warm wrap. But then the yardage put me off. So I… Continue reading FInished: Dissent shawl by Lisa Mutch in Gotland