Learning about weaving traditions in Scotland

On our trip to Scotland recently, my husband and I visited Kilbarchan Weaver's Cottage. The area used to house over 800 individual weavers. This is one preserved cottage because there was someone living there until the 1960s. Here is the beautiful lintel over the door. "Builded Anno 1723"Famous people work here!I recognized the name of… Continue reading Learning about weaving traditions in Scotland

Going to Scotland! Visiting New Lanark Mill

I couldn't quite convince my husband about going to Wales this coming weekend. Where I could "just pop into" Wonderwool. But when he said "Scotland" and "Ferry" it quickly brought to mind, New Lanark Mills.Nice thing is, you can get both the tour of the woolen mill, but also a good history of "utopian socialism"… Continue reading Going to Scotland! Visiting New Lanark Mill