Review of – online crafty classes

As mentioned in my introduction post in this series of reviews, I want to take a close look at a number of online learning platforms which focus on the niche area of creative and crafty pursuits. First we'll look at Craftsy. Video tour Here's a quick video tour showing some of the features mentioned in… Continue reading Review of – online crafty classes

Comparing online learning sites for creative people

In my soon-to-be former life I created learning materials, classroom guides, live webinars and instructional videos. I can appreciate a good learning experience, and look at it with a critical eye as well. After studying learning and technology however, I concluded the best thing technology can do to facilitate learning is to get out of… Continue reading Comparing online learning sites for creative people

Serious FOMO: Ysolde Teague workshop in Dublin

Thankfully my dad, and his oxygen tanks got out before this got out of handWhen my dad's car caught on fire (but he escaped unscathed), it occurred to me: I should really go for a visit. When his lung collapsed and he ended up in the hospital, I thought: you know, a visit might really… Continue reading Serious FOMO: Ysolde Teague workshop in Dublin

I learned how to make socks!! This is Knit, Dublin.

It was Local Yarn Shop day in the UK on Saturday, but instead I ended up in a great yarn shop in Dublin: This Is Knit. They really should expand this special holiday all over the world!I would have visited my lovely LYS, Textile Studio, but I couldn't resist the chance to learn how to… Continue reading I learned how to make socks!! This is Knit, Dublin.