UK Fibre events: Spoilt for choice?

There's a thread on Ravelry which asks: have we reached a saturation point for fibre events in the UK? Currently there are 6 events with dates confirmed in the UK and Fibre events group on Ravelry. I am having trouble finding a record, but it looks like there was double that in 2014. Correction! @TravelKnitter… Continue reading UK Fibre events: Spoilt for choice?

Review: Spinners Book of Fleece, the missing link!

close up from spinners book of fleece

Oh how I wish I had this book about two weeks ago before I ventured into the woolly world of fleece selection and preparation. Still, I’m fortunate to have discovered it as early as I have.  The Spinner's Book of Fleece by Beth Smith is like deep-diving into a breed study workshop. (If you're lucky enough… Continue reading Review: Spinners Book of Fleece, the missing link!

Choosing fleece: Must be the cloud in my eyes

Daniel is a Llanwenog x Oxford Down Cross. Ever since I started working with Daniel's fleece I've been singing Elton John: "Oh it looks like Daniel... must be the clouds in my eyes!" Just wanted to offer that little ear worm to anyone reading this blog post. I'm going to talk about where I went… Continue reading Choosing fleece: Must be the cloud in my eyes

Fibrary from Fibre East

Deb Robson's 2-day Introduction to Wool Types at Fibre East was fantastic. It wasn't exactly a beginner class, but I was helped and encouraged to keep pace and gained some great skills. After all, I only learned spinning so I could take this class! Everyone else there was an experienced spinner and most brought their… Continue reading Fibrary from Fibre East