Fibrary from Fibre East

Deb Robson's 2-day Introduction to Wool Types at Fibre East was fantastic. It wasn't exactly a beginner class, but I was helped and encouraged to keep pace and gained some great skills. After all, I only learned spinning so I could take this class! Everyone else there was an experienced spinner and most brought their… Continue reading Fibrary from Fibre East

FInished: Dissent shawl by Lisa Mutch in Gotland

I finished this shawl. The wool fluffed up so much, it's lovely. Pattern: Dissent by Lisa Mutch. Wool: Gotland 4ply by Blacker YarnsI wrote about the start of this project earlier. I had seen a Colour Affection shawl and loved the idea of a warm wrap. But then the yardage put me off. So I… Continue reading FInished: Dissent shawl by Lisa Mutch in Gotland

Yarn review: Blacker Yarns, Gotland 4 ply

I almost want to write six different reviews for this yarn, but you'd think I was crazy right? But I have to say the three colours of the wool have subtle differences so you'd need three. Then I'd have to write a review in three different stitches and needle sizes. And I'm only talking about… Continue reading Yarn review: Blacker Yarns, Gotland 4 ply