I have experience in graphic and instructional design. My LinkedIn profile has some more details about my previous work.
I’m looking for full time or contracting work in professional services or marketing. I am looking for projects where I can focus particularly in writing content, creating graphics and recording screencasts. I specialise in distilling subject matter expertise into digestible, comprehensible and useful forms. This could be either marketing content, documentation or training content.

Often busy development teams don’t have the time to produce training content for their clients, and in the hand-over precious time is used in preparing this content. Technical teams often find they are wasting time money and resources reinventing the wheel with customers, producing training and manuals. I’d like to help teams find ways to reuse, reduce and recycle content and make better use of the shared knowledge among the teams and projects.

Here are some examples of my work.

Blog content, e-books, tutorials

For Acquia, I ran a content marketing campaign focused on learning content through blogging, e-books, webinars and short videos. As of mid-2015, my 2013 content was still driving 12% of blog traffic.


Step by step screencasts

I create screencasts to show techniques and procedures, such as editing and website development. Here’s an example.


You can view over 40 of my webinars I’ve given online to help developers learn how to use the content management system, Drupal.

screenshot of youtube playlist