The scourge of the heavy “student spindle”

For the third time in as many weeks, on Saturday a would-be spinner told me of her woes trying to spin on a spindle. I diagnosed her problem: a way-too-heavy spindle. I have been delighted recently to demo spinning and learn more about how to break down the steps and condense my tutorials down to get… Continue reading The scourge of the heavy “student spindle”

Patterns for handspun part 3: Layering garments

The likelihood that you'll reach your hand into the stash and come up with a sweater-weight of wool is highly unlikely. It's more likely to find you have enough for a shawl or a cowl, and that would be a pretty clear solution. However, how many shawls can you wear? I've already rounded up some… Continue reading Patterns for handspun part 3: Layering garments

Power scour v Dish washing detergent for washing fleece

I have LOTS of fleece to wash, and if I don't get it all washed by Fibre East, I'm not allowed another one for a whole year. (My rules!) So I want to get it done quickly, effectively and create as little waste as possible. I've come across people saying they use dish washing liquid… Continue reading Power scour v Dish washing detergent for washing fleece

Review: Spinners Book of Fleece, the missing link!

close up from spinners book of fleece

Oh how I wish I had this book about two weeks ago before I ventured into the woolly world of fleece selection and preparation. Still, I’m fortunate to have discovered it as early as I have.  The Spinner's Book of Fleece by Beth Smith is like deep-diving into a breed study workshop. (If you're lucky enough… Continue reading Review: Spinners Book of Fleece, the missing link!

Fact: Washing fleece will keep you healthy and productive

I am now in the possession of 2 fleece, (fleeces?) As I write this post, I'm washing corriedale in 20 mins increments. Let me shared what I learned... so far... Previously a skeptic, I am now an evangelical convert. If you're fearing the fleece, let me tell you: it's easier than you think and very… Continue reading Fact: Washing fleece will keep you healthy and productive

Choosing fleece: Must be the cloud in my eyes

Daniel is a Llanwenog x Oxford Down Cross. Ever since I started working with Daniel's fleece I've been singing Elton John: "Oh it looks like Daniel... must be the clouds in my eyes!" Just wanted to offer that little ear worm to anyone reading this blog post. I'm going to talk about where I went… Continue reading Choosing fleece: Must be the cloud in my eyes

Fibrary from Fibre East

Deb Robson's 2-day Introduction to Wool Types at Fibre East was fantastic. It wasn't exactly a beginner class, but I was helped and encouraged to keep pace and gained some great skills. After all, I only learned spinning so I could take this class! Everyone else there was an experienced spinner and most brought their… Continue reading Fibrary from Fibre East