Why I turned off my IFTTT recipe for auto-posting Instagram to Twitter

Isn't it annoying that Twitter will show "cards" including a summary and image in your twitter feed when you post most links, but it won't show images from Instagram links? When you share via Instagram you do have the option to connect several networks and automatically post to them. However when you do, your image won't be… Continue reading Why I turned off my IFTTT recipe for auto-posting Instagram to Twitter

Tips for anyone embarking on YarnKonMari

I started writing what was going to be one blog post and I decided to write it all out. So this is part 3, wherein I warn the gentle reader if they are about to start on their YarnKonMari project. You can read Part 1 or Part 2 of this epic cull. You need time… Continue reading Tips for anyone embarking on YarnKonMari

Lightfrost shawl in all Fyberspates yarn

This pattern, Lightfrost by Louise Zass-Bangham, alternates silky stripes with translucent stripes. My recent attempts at other knitting projects reminded me I'm still very much a beginner. So I decided to try this super simple triangle shawl. The graphic effect of the stripes is a good pay off for something rather simple. I've also learned… Continue reading Lightfrost shawl in all Fyberspates yarn

Liebster Award is a blogging welcome wagon

This is fun! I was nominated by Kaiya from Winter Lime Knits for a Liebster award. I had never heard of it before, but it's a cool meme to help people discover new blogs. I did a little googling and found many good examples. 🙂 I've learned it's a nice welcome-wagon tradition. Calling it an… Continue reading Liebster Award is a blogging welcome wagon

FInished: Dissent shawl by Lisa Mutch in Gotland

I finished this shawl. The wool fluffed up so much, it's lovely. Pattern: Dissent by Lisa Mutch. Wool: Gotland 4ply by Blacker YarnsI wrote about the start of this project earlier. I had seen a Colour Affection shawl and loved the idea of a warm wrap. But then the yardage put me off. So I… Continue reading FInished: Dissent shawl by Lisa Mutch in Gotland