Shibori – Indigo dye workshop with Mottainai

Catherine Quinn of Mottainai Textiles taught a dye workshop in Buncrana. I had no idea she was from Belfast! It was still a lovely day to visit Buncrana and the next day I was able to pop into the Hinamatsuri festival in Derry. Both events were organised by Junko and the group from Yarn Spinners… Continue reading Shibori – Indigo dye workshop with Mottainai

Clara Parkes: Know Your Yarn Class discount link

Looking for something to learn this summer? I fully recommend Clara Parkes's Know Your Yarn class on Craftsy. You can download it and take it with you 🙂 In her newsletter: Knitter's Review - there's discount link, woot! ** Go get that in your cart 🙂 (When I clicked it was 50% off, but her… Continue reading Clara Parkes: Know Your Yarn Class discount link

My 3 beginner spindle-spinning tips

Thick and thin

There are loads of good tutorials even for free on spinning with a spindle. I've also included links to good resources below. But I feel like these were some missing tips which I've discovered in my first weeks of spinning. Don't use dyed combed tops in a smooth wool or smooth fibre for a first… Continue reading My 3 beginner spindle-spinning tips

Going to Fibre East: I need to learn how to spin wool?! Uh oh…

I'm very excited about attending my first actual fibre festival. As far as I can tell, there don't seem to be any events like them in Ireland, which is sad. Good thing is Fibre East is really easy to get to from Luton airport nearby. And so it's a short hop for me from Belfast… Continue reading Going to Fibre East: I need to learn how to spin wool?! Uh oh…

I learned how to make socks!! This is Knit, Dublin.

It was Local Yarn Shop day in the UK on Saturday, but instead I ended up in a great yarn shop in Dublin: This Is Knit. They really should expand this special holiday all over the world!I would have visited my lovely LYS, Textile Studio, but I couldn't resist the chance to learn how to… Continue reading I learned how to make socks!! This is Knit, Dublin.

Learning about weaving traditions in Scotland

On our trip to Scotland recently, my husband and I visited Kilbarchan Weaver's Cottage. The area used to house over 800 individual weavers. This is one preserved cottage because there was someone living there until the 1960s. Here is the beautiful lintel over the door. "Builded Anno 1723"Famous people work here!I recognized the name of… Continue reading Learning about weaving traditions in Scotland

Learning about wool spinning at New Lanark Mill in Scotland

There's really so much to see at New Lanark, but I wish I had spent less time looking at fibreglass mannequins, and more time up in the mill on the 4th floor. That was exciting and real. Visiting the mill If you're going, I'd recommend you could plan a full day just around the mill,… Continue reading Learning about wool spinning at New Lanark Mill in Scotland

Ways to label swatches

I really enjoy the knitting meet-ups with the Ravelry group. They are once a month-ish at the Dock Cafe, which is an honesty café. You pay what you like. You can bring your own lunch. I only noticed in tiny fine print last time, it's run as a sort of church. "Why did you have… Continue reading Ways to label swatches