Treasure hunting

OK bear with me while I say "I'm going to start blogging again" and proceed to deliver you a rambly post about treasure hunters and product management. No editor to stop me! This has not been proofread. In my personal mythology, I think it's very auspicious to see treasure hunters on the beach. I'm inspired… Continue reading Treasure hunting

Why you should follow Bilbo – the Good Cat Boy – on Twitter.

I have two kitties at home. They are lovely! They taught me to go to bed on time and that having a routine is better for my well being. My husband and I have learned lots of things from the kitties, they trained us well. Right now, I’m typing this blogpost twisted in the most… Continue reading Why you should follow Bilbo – the Good Cat Boy – on Twitter.

Things to do around Yarn Folk in Whitehead

Secret Stash at Yarn Folk Festival of Wool

Very excited for Yarn Folk Festival of Wool, happening on Saturday, 4 August as part of Whitehead's Wool, Food and Folk Festival. The cute Victorian seaside village is transformed into a woolly wonderland. In this post: Yarn Folk - a Wooly Village Looking back at Yarn Folk 2017 What about LGBTQ+ Knitters and Supporters? Bangor Boat… Continue reading Things to do around Yarn Folk in Whitehead

A Stash of One’s Own – a book review

If you love yarn and talking about it, I highly recommend the anthology "A Stash of One's Own" by Clara Parkes. I listened to the audio version, and it's been such a relaxing read (yeah, I call it reading.) Franklin Habit's story about his Mum's stash is... just so beautiful, I can barely mention it… Continue reading A Stash of One’s Own – a book review

Exquisite Bangor at the Arts Night at North Down Museum

On Friday night, I joined the Arts Night at the Museum at North Down Museum, and it was loads of fun! I took part as a member of Boom Studios, and it was a blast. Participants could go around the museum and join in arts activities at different stations. My workshop was in a room… Continue reading Exquisite Bangor at the Arts Night at North Down Museum

The Woollinn Workshops!

I'm excited about Woollinn Dublin! After the success of YarnFolk Festival of Wool in August last year, it's clear we need more woolly events on this island 🙂  Ironically, it will take me as long to get to Woollinn as it does to Edinburgh Yarn Fest (door to door) 😂 😂 😂 😭. This island is so poorly… Continue reading The Woollinn Workshops!

I decorate with sound

This post was inspired by listening to A Playful Day's interview with Felicity Ford of Knitsonik. I recommend it highly! What a great adventure in sound, something I didn't realize was so important. I am funny about sound, and I didn't even know it. I decorate with sound. I have certain bells on different doors in my… Continue reading I decorate with sound