Things to do around Yarn Folk in Whitehead

Secret Stash at Yarn Folk Festival of Wool

Very excited for Yarn Folk Festival of Wool, happening on Saturday, 4 August as part of Whitehead's Wool, Food and Folk Festival. The cute Victorian seaside village is transformed into a woolly wonderland. In this post: Yarn Folk - a Wooly Village Looking back at Yarn Folk 2017 What about LGBTQ+ Knitters and Supporters? Bangor Boat… Continue reading Things to do around Yarn Folk in Whitehead

The Zine Scene in Belfast

Did you know it's International Zine Month? I learned this from Toby at Bombinate Zine 🙂 There's a growing zine scene here in Belfast. My life has been almost entirely digital for the last decade, and I think we're all just a little fed up with micro-blogging, aren't we? Zines are an antidote to… Continue reading The Zine Scene in Belfast

Shibori – Indigo dye workshop with Mottainai

Catherine Quinn of Mottainai Textiles taught a dye workshop in Buncrana. I had no idea she was from Belfast! It was still a lovely day to visit Buncrana and the next day I was able to pop into the Hinamatsuri festival in Derry. Both events were organised by Junko and the group from Yarn Spinners… Continue reading Shibori – Indigo dye workshop with Mottainai

UK Fibre events: Spoilt for choice?

There's a thread on Ravelry which asks: have we reached a saturation point for fibre events in the UK? Currently there are 6 events with dates confirmed in the UK and Fibre events group on Ravelry. I am having trouble finding a record, but it looks like there was double that in 2014. Correction! @TravelKnitter… Continue reading UK Fibre events: Spoilt for choice?

Fibrary from Fibre East

Deb Robson's 2-day Introduction to Wool Types at Fibre East was fantastic. It wasn't exactly a beginner class, but I was helped and encouraged to keep pace and gained some great skills. After all, I only learned spinning so I could take this class! Everyone else there was an experienced spinner and most brought their… Continue reading Fibrary from Fibre East

p/hop: putting the fun in fundraiser at unwind brighton

So Saturday morning, at Unwind Brighton you can find me at the p/hop table from 11am. p/hop is a knitting fundraiser for MSF. The slogan is pennies per hour of pleasure. There are volunteers slotted in all day, so the load isn't too much for anyone. "Choose your pattern, enjoy your knitting, make a donation.… Continue reading p/hop: putting the fun in fundraiser at unwind brighton

Going to Unwind Brighton! Knitting, yarn and crochet festival

I found out recently I'm going to be in London for a work related week of intense work/fun/production. So I could easily rationalize getting to London on the Friday before to check out Unwind Brighton. Quel coincidence! Minor problem is that I had *already* rationalized booking into Fibre East one week later in July. Why… Continue reading Going to Unwind Brighton! Knitting, yarn and crochet festival

Going to Fibre East: I need to learn how to spin wool?! Uh oh…

I'm very excited about attending my first actual fibre festival. As far as I can tell, there don't seem to be any events like them in Ireland, which is sad. Good thing is Fibre East is really easy to get to from Luton airport nearby. And so it's a short hop for me from Belfast… Continue reading Going to Fibre East: I need to learn how to spin wool?! Uh oh…