Why you should follow Bilbo – the Good Cat Boy – on Twitter.

I have two kitties at home. They are lovely! They taught me to go to bed on time and that having a routine is better for my well being. My husband and I have learned lots of things from the kitties, they trained us well. Right now, I’m typing this blogpost twisted in the most… Continue reading Why you should follow Bilbo – the Good Cat Boy – on Twitter.

The Zine Scene in Belfast

Did you know it's International Zine Month? I learned this from Toby at Bombinate Zine 🙂 https://twitter.com/BombinateZine/status/1017703506457845760 There's a growing zine scene here in Belfast. My life has been almost entirely digital for the last decade, and I think we're all just a little fed up with micro-blogging, aren't we? Zines are an antidote to… Continue reading The Zine Scene in Belfast