Treasure hunting

OK bear with me while I say "I'm going to start blogging again" and proceed to deliver you a rambly post about treasure hunters and product management. No editor to stop me! This has not been proofread. In my personal mythology, I think it's very auspicious to see treasure hunters on the beach. I'm inspired… Continue reading Treasure hunting

Why you should follow Bilbo – the Good Cat Boy – on Twitter.

I have two kitties at home. They are lovely! They taught me to go to bed on time and that having a routine is better for my well being. My husband and I have learned lots of things from the kitties, they trained us well. Right now, I’m typing this blogpost twisted in the most… Continue reading Why you should follow Bilbo – the Good Cat Boy – on Twitter.

Blog like no one’s reading – because they aren’t – and who cares anyway!

Someone said to me recently, "no one reads anything." Since I write for a living, this should have been discouraging, as I'm sure that was the intention. However, it's liberating. Who cares what you write? Why worry about the few eyeballs your words do reach... if they even do have to scramble pretty far down… Continue reading Blog like no one’s reading – because they aren’t – and who cares anyway!

A rant: Your stone stacking isn’t Zen AF

I don't think many of my friends or family in Ireland/UK are aware of this stone-stacking trend, it only just seems to be spreading. Now that I've pointed it out to you, you'll probably notice it more and more. I noticed them recently at Malin Head, where I'd never seen them before. And my first… Continue reading A rant: Your stone stacking isn’t Zen AF

Things to do around Yarn Folk in Whitehead

Secret Stash at Yarn Folk Festival of Wool

Very excited for Yarn Folk Festival of Wool, happening on Saturday, 4 August as part of Whitehead's Wool, Food and Folk Festival. The cute Victorian seaside village is transformed into a woolly wonderland. In this post: Yarn Folk - a Wooly Village Looking back at Yarn Folk 2017 What about LGBTQ+ Knitters and Supporters? Bangor Boat… Continue reading Things to do around Yarn Folk in Whitehead

The Zine Scene in Belfast

Did you know it's International Zine Month? I learned this from Toby at Bombinate Zine 🙂 There's a growing zine scene here in Belfast. My life has been almost entirely digital for the last decade, and I think we're all just a little fed up with micro-blogging, aren't we? Zines are an antidote to… Continue reading The Zine Scene in Belfast