Yarn reviews

Here is a list of my yarn reviews. I show off my swatches and hear responses such as “You SWATCH?!” I love swatching, and find it absorbing, fun and low-pressure.

List of yarn reviews

lyoness-dk-4plyYarn review: Lyonesse, DK and 4 ply by Blacker Yarns.



Jacob/Mohair 50/5 – DK – From Blacker Yarns

What’s this all about?

I wanted to write yarn reviews of smaller producers or challenging yarns. It started with Deb Robson’s “Know your wool” free Craftsy course. I was nearly in tears about all the poor sheep colours and textures that were being lost to the white loaf of generic wool.

Then I got Clara Parkes’s guides Knitter’s Book of Wool and Knitters Book of Yarn out of the library. I read them in the wrong order, but they are enlightening!

If you’d like to join the fray, I think it would be awesome to not only write the review on blogs, but also make sure to leave comments on the yarns listed in Ravelry. This can help people learn about the great yarns out there and try something new.

How to write a yarn review – I wrote this to look at some good models to follow.

2 thoughts on “Yarn reviews”

  1. Hi Heather,
    I was told about your blog from Diarmuid `The Spinner` from Tipperary,
    I found the blog very interesting.
    I spin my own wool from my flock of Jacob sheep, at the moment I am trying to keep it unique, as I`m when someone buys a certain wool the name of the sheep is on the back of the tag and they can look on my web site and see the sheep it came from.
    I have a shop on Etsy and a stand alone website but that need some work.
    If you`re interested; I`m Rebecca` wool and the web address is http://www.homespunwoolfromerewhon.com

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