Colours for KnitBritish’s Hap-pening!

I have NO business doing this, but I made an impulse to purchase wool for the Knit British Hapalong, (Hap-KAL?) A hap is usually a square shawl, more like a blanket you can cuddle someone up in. Here’s a bit about the history.

I found out about it through Ravelry in the Knit British group. Leira posted a thread asking if there was a “Hap Interest.” 300+ posts later, I think you can say there’s an interest. By coincidence, Gudrun Johnston is also doing a hap-knit-along (Ravelry). So I expect to see the place covered in rolling waves of flowing haps.

Pattern choice

I love the Quill pattern by Brooklyn Tweed. Knit British has an article of other Brooklyn Tweed designs. She also has a spotlight on Gudrun Johnston’s Haps, and I love the 5 colour combo of the Hansel pattern.

I also like that you can take a craftsy class to learn the techniques and more about the history.

Yarn choice

So! Hansel calls for Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumper Weight. I had the Blacker Yarns Shetland Bargain Pack in my sights. I hemmed and hawed and finally picked two contrasting colours, a dark and a white. Boom, too easy, right?

2015-03-04 14.24.50

It doesn’t start until April, so, ha ha! Maybe I’ll clear my knitting decks!

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    1. The blue and olive are lovely and there’s so many shades of Shetland to complement it with! Which pattern will you try?

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