Raverly round-up: 18 Knitted skirt patterns

A knitted skirt is a socially acceptable way to wear a warm blanket around yourself. knit-skirt kit

I saw this knitted skirt on Pinterest ages ago. It’s a kit in mohair. I love the loose knit transparency, and having knit with some of the Blacker Yarns 4-plys I knew that it could be very warm, even if transparent. The pattern doesn’t seem to be on sale in English/Ravelry. But judging by the look- I assume it’s got a waistband elastic and all some bulk at the top.

One thing I like about it is the simplicity, but I suspect the tedium of the same stitch would eventually force one to try something a little different, or possibly combine colours. For example, the feather and fan pattern in the Spencer Dress skirt or the chevron on this amazing knit dress.

So I started looking up patterns on Ravelry for knitted skirts – there are over 2,400 skirt patterns. I came up with 18 which I really like, and give me an idea of the knit skirt I’d like to make.

  • I like the patterns which use ribbing to make pleats.
  • I like the ones which combine colours in different stripes.
  • I like the modern/graphic looking patterns more than the floral patterns.

However, none of the patterns have the exact shape and construction I’m looking for, so I might be (dangerously) winging it!

18 Knitted skirt patterns on Raverly


  • Lanesplitter: Knitty – Free pattern. This is a modern graphic pattern.
  • Carnaby skirt: Knitty – Free pattern. Click through to see some projects, this uses contrasting stitches to get pleats.
  • Bulgarian knitted skirt: Free pattern. Also uses ribbing to make pleats.
  • Leaves skirt. This is just so pretty, the leaf stitch pattern in the gores are so nice. The stitch pattern is what makes the increases.
  • Between the clouds. I love this contrasting colour lace edge, feather and fan there.
  • Shetland skirt: Similar to others with a contrasting stitch in the gore.
  • Heichi skirt: This one has a lower back hem, and are those drop stitches? Like that transparency.
  • Lee’s skirt. I like those wide “pleats”.
  • Sidewinder: Knitty – Free pattern. This one has a cool construction.
  • Claudia evilla – I like the effect with the contrasting colours, this uses a little arrow shaped lace design in it.
  • Pleated skirt. More pleats!
  • Swing. This combines bias knit, thin stripes and short rows. The project photo is dark an hard to see, but click through to see projects!
  • Elderflower skirt. I like that diamond lace pattern.
  • Zig Zag Skirt: This is done in crochet, but I like those Zig Zags.
  • Herringbone skirt – Di Gilpin – Free pattern. This is a kind of wrap skirt. Looks like it would be quite thick, but I like the textured stitch.
  • Green bias skirt. Cool construction.
  • Flirty Skirt. Love the graphic shetland lace pattern panels. LOVE it. Shetland lace doesn’t look twee to me, somehow. This grows into a proper circle skirt so it’s swingy.
  • Klukka skirt– yeah yeah! Love this combo of lopi making the gradient at the bottom with a combination of colours.

With that said, I won’t get much done if I stay on Ravelry. I’m going to start knitting and see where it goes 🙂

4 thoughts on “Raverly round-up: 18 Knitted skirt patterns”

  1. I love the idea of a knitted skirt but I’m always worried about the wearability … Maybe I’ll have to take your lead and just jump in … 🙂

    1. Yeah, my main concern is the weight! I’ve actually STARTED the skirt! And I’ve chosen a worsted spun yarn as the base yarn. Which means it is by nature more dense, but also more durable. I intend to use larger needle sizes to create shaping and get transparency.

      The other concern is just, how to wear it. I think with leggings, or Capri leggings it will work.

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