Spin the bin 2015 – status update 1


I joined a group on Ravelry in the “Completely Twisted and Arbitrary Spinning Spin the Bin 2015” challenge. The idea with this challenge is to commit to spinning from your current stash. Plan future projects. Have intention and use what you have. I like it! To enter, you take a photo of your chosen stash in the place you store it. Here’s by bin.


Now to stick with it. That involves spinning daily.

#Spin15in15 to win the spin the bin challenge

I’ve had an Instagram account for a while, but I wasn’t in the practice of using it daily. So this year, I decided to do the #photo365 project, a photo a day. And while I was there I discovered another hashtag #spin15in15, which simply states: Spin 15 mins a day. Just do it! The organiser, @Baabonnybelle comes up with themes and challenges to keep it interesting, though the prompt alone is ensuring I get in some practice daily.

Here, Baabonnybelle has summarised some progress from #spin15in15 so far.

AND she is giving away lovely yarn tags, which would be so nice for gift-spinning.

I should say, we had a very sad run of events here, someone very dear to my husband passed away recently and it’s meant some travel and busy work catch-up. So there have been a few days I haven’t “spin 15”, but I just jump right back in an keep going. Overall, it’s been a helpful prompt, and sometimes I just squeeze in a quick session of spinning. I certainly don’t try to put it all away and clean up my spinning every day, so I have a nice fibrey corner in the living room now 🙂

Tally of progress spin the bin progress

Since my stash was just building, my bin selection included most of my complete batches of dyed wool. I didn’t include the raw fleece or odd bits and leftovers I’m saving for another go on the drum carder.

My Spin the Bin 2015 project on Ravelry.

  • One month completed
  • Completed 220g spun of 1300g = 16.9% spun! (Doesn’t count any sample spinning, or spinning on my fleece, etc)

Finished handspun

  • Manos Merino. My first attempt at a 3 ply, semi-failed. (Spun one of the bobbins the wrong way.) Came out as Aran weight.
    • Planned for Mmmbrot hat, but ended up making a cowl for hubs.
  • Hedgehog Fibres – Polwarth Combed top. I had to do this as a three ply since my first attempt don’t come out very well.
    • Still not sure what to use it on!
      IMG_1874polwarth IMG_1941

Sampling and planning

  • Corriedale fleece: My fleece doesn’t count for #ctaspinthebin2015 because I didn’t put it in the bin. But fibre prep does count for #spin15in15. Sample spinning and trying to get it clean before I decide what to do with it. Learning to spin from the lock with it. SO nice!
    2015-01-07 11.30.41 Clean Fleece
  • Fondant Fibre mystery batt: Planning on making a lofty woollen spun from this “mystery batt” by Fondant Fibres. I’m combining it with 100g of southdown (by World of Wool), which wasn’t in the bin, but I wanted to make a really lightly coloured wool, and I wanted to stretch what coloured wools I have.
    • It would be cool to make some more and some less combined with white so it could be knit in a fade.. Knit what? I have no idea!

 Completed knitted projects from handspun

I didn’t really use the yarn to its potential in this patter, but it’s exactly what my husband needed and I also had some similar weight yarn. I don’t think I did a good job of picking up the garter edge. If it wasn’t striped I don’t think it would show so bad. He seems to like it!








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    • @Sherrill thank you! I’m finding it hard not to get distracted by the many many things I have on the go at the same time. And I forget the important step of measuring what I have an really “finishing” the projects. I’ll work on this next!

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