Designer: Carol Feller

I had renewed  Contemporary Irish Knits by Carol Feller about 5 times from the library. Well now that is really taking advantage! I think the projects are out of my league for now, but I read it cover to cover because of the features of the dyers and info about the wool industry in Ireland. And of course, it has really pretty pictures to browse.

I decided I’d finally buy the book, and I was able to buy it directly from Carol at Unwind Brighton. Bonus: I got a signature too 🙂
Contemporary Irish Knits

In an interview at Sunset Cat Designs (2012) Carol speaks about the differences between designing for specific yarns whether that is a Donegal tweed or a silky Fyberspates. She also speaks of the differences between something you’d like to wear and something that is fun to knit. I still haven’t attempted anything in the book yet, but I love looking at the pictures. I think I might be able to tackle a cable project soon.

Carol makes things less confusing. One of the first things I knit last year required short rows. I didn’t know they were something to be feared, because I found Carol’s free course on Craftsy which explained multiple methods of creating short rows. She was very clear in explaining, and it was really not all that hard.

Here Carol gives an overview of using the contiguous method in one of her designs

Here Carol speaks about the Irish mills, and also the independent dyers in Ireland.