Five great knitting and spinning video podcasts

I wanted to point out some great video podcasts which focus on knitting and/or spinning. I notice some of the podcasts I’ve listened to in the past are switching over to video. I think it’s a bonafide TREND.

First let me say, I appreciate the time any podcaster takes to make great content I can listen to, but video likely has an even bigger overhead. Also, it’s harder to fudge with editing as you can with audio. And you need courage.

I’m attempting to make some video content myself. It’s not easy, lemme tell ya. I am so impressed with how brave these people are. I am mortified just recording upstairs in case my husband hears me talking to myself. Must get over that!

If you saw my other post on knitting podcasts, you know I’m not super fond of reading from scripts, over- processed, animated segues, and mucho music. So my taste might not be yours. Also, this is a crazy short list. There are some long-standing and more famous video podcasts, but if you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen those. There’s a great list of video podcasts here, not exhaustive, but you can mine that for more video content if ya like.

1) Bakery Bears Podcast

  • Website: FYI: They don’t seem to have an independent site, their videos aren’t on iTunes, so if you want to find them, you will need to check out their YouTube page.
  • Back Catalog?  Listen to me: just start from Episode 1 for this one. There’s only 15 episodes at this point. Let the drama unfold!

This is a husband and wife team (sometimes kid too!)

Yes! Hubby knits (*looking at my husband: if only*) and he finds it rather relaxing. Dan learned when he was a kid, but he didn’t pick up knitting again til he was 36 or something. Kay taught him properly how to knit. He clearly adores her for it, and he’s constantly trying to get a laugh out of her. Which makes this such a fun show to watch!

This podcast just launched in May 2014 when they launched Bakery Bears first ever knitting pattern. So not only is this video podcast funny, friendly and amusing to watch- but it’s also great insight into their challenges and successes. You will be rooting for them too.

Confession: I used to make dolls and bears. And then one time someone made a remark: “Why would you ever crochet hand made knit toys when children have so many stuffed animals, and they never play with them?” It crushed me, and I started to see my little creations as kind of sad and weird. Even though I enjoyed it so so much. I felt like some creepy old lady with dolls. Many years later, a friend asked me to fix her precious crocheted bunny. So little of the original crochet-cotton bunny, carefully fixed over the years. Anyway – I…. what was my point?

I might not have picked this podcast to watch because of the apparent topic (and I don’t make bears!). However, they knit all kinds of things, go on adventures and just have the craic. Well it’s amazing. Here’s they started only in May 2014 to make and publish Bakery Bear bear patterns. And she’s it’s been successful despite personal challenges. Oh it’s good, just go subscribe!

I heard about this podcast through the next on my list: Little Yellow Yuke.

2) Little Yellow Yuke

Zena had a podcast previously, but after a break, she switched over to a video format in the autumn of 2014. She knits, crochets, sews, embroiders, does tatting and spins! If there’s a craft, Zena will give it a go and report back. I think I’m saving money by watching her podcast. I love that she’s curious and learning all the time.
One nice thing about video podcasts is the “show and tell” aspect. For example, Zena shares the books she’s reading, and of course a peek at her works in progress. I love the range of work she shows off. Like I said, no craft will escape her talents. She also has great style, but she also has eclectic taste, so you’re not bored with one range of projects. So it might be a wacky reindeer Christmas jumper or another time a pretty shawl.
This is a nice, relaxed podcast. Maybe I’m easily impressed, but Zena can knit while she’s talking through the podcast. That’s how chill this podcast is.  It reminds me of just relaxing under a tree and knitting… this is what I *would* have been doing when I met Zena at Unwind Brighton. But I got totally attacked with an urge to shop and descended into the maelstrom marketplace, and never returned.
Well at least now I can follow along with her projects.

3) Stitched together

Chrissy has been podcasting and blogging for a while, but switched over to a video podcast last autumn. Chrissy is very natural and just like she’s chatting to you directly. In fact if I do meet her in person I hope I could sit for a cup of tea and a chat. She is honest on the show about her opinions – she’s spicy! And she is totally charming and is having a good time on the show. It’s a fun, relaxing show to watch.

It takes bravery – real bravery to make a video podcast especially because you have to sit in front of a camera. And I think Chrissy is Super Brave for being open and honest about her chronic illness when it comes up. Her personal story is compelling- crafting isn’t just a diversion for her, and it can’t be an occupation due to her situation. I can relate to the fact that for Chrissy, her site and her podcast are an escape. (I rarely talk about my personal life, illness or work on my blog.) Her podcast is certainly about her knitting projects, not her pain, it’s just that when you hear about how awkward it is to just get some blocking done with chronic pain- it’s humbling. But again, it’s only as minor aspect of the show. I like this show in particular because it’s based around where I live and she talks about events and KALs in this neck of the woods.

4) Yarngasm (Voolenvine)

Kristin is in the US, I only mention that because she is topical and local to NY though. So I can only feel envy about an event she’s speaking at on blogging and knitting at the public library. However, it’s great to hear how it is for people in a larger fiber community.

Kristin knits, spins and dyes yarn- for her JOB. If you’re super curious, her blog is a record of her personal transformation from being freelance/unemployed to finding her place in the fiber world. However the old audio podcasts are no longer on Libsyn. Again, the content is very much current and topical now, so I don’t think I’ll dish out the major $$ for vintage Yarngasm bootlegs on ebay (j/k!).

Kristin is very good in remembering to talk about the tools she uses, and shows off what she’s using. That is one of the great advantages of the video podcast, being visual, it’s easier to understand what the host is drooling over. I guess that is stating the obvious, but you’ll see… she ensures the close-up images come into focus and she’s careful of the quality. She also “signs off” before continuing to talk about shop updates and general blether, which is just personal updates – so she gives the viewers some options.

Oh! and she also does demonstrations of any specific technique she’s talking about, for example a handspinning technique. I love that. When I imagine my own special video podcast I picture doing tutorials and chat like this.

5) Franklin Fiber

  • Website:
  • Backcatalog? There’s some early episodes available on YouTube. Some cover when Julie lived in Guatemala working with artisan groups. Check out the titles to see what grabs you!

Here’s another podcast from the states! Julie is chatting away and showing off work she’s making progress on. Projects include knitting as well as spinning and weaving. This is the only podcast I’ve listed which includes lots of spinning. She’s very skilled and tries experiments with different techniques too. She cares about fibre and where it comes from, so you’ll learn about her materials as much as the projects and inspirations. And she’s both enthusiastic about her work and honest when it’s going kind of crap.

Julie is friendly and this isn’t a tightly structured show, so you just feel like you’re sitting there with her, sometimes in the living room and sometimes on the porch. It just sort of flows naturally.

I like that kind of format. This might sound prejumadicial, but I find most US-based video podcasts to have a little too much “segue animation” going on. Many folks are getting a little too hot-and heavy with the ol’ transition button over there. I know that is my bias, but hey. It’s my blog. Welcome!

These are all brave souls and I am incredibly impressed with anyone who attempts to do this.

Video podcasts? What say you?

These are just some I like, what do you think about video podcasts?

Any good ones you’d recommend? Tell me why. Also any in the UK/Ireland I should check out?

Footnote: Gretchen Rubin on happiness and habits

As a footnote, I also wanted to pop in this video channel: Gretchen Rubin. Somehow she can be inspiring without being cheezy. I listened to her book The Happiness Project, and I enjoyed it so much I listened again! That is super rare for me. She bases her advice in lots of research, which helps it be convincing. She talks about forming habits, so lots of the ideas she shares are simple, small and achievable. Her videos come in frequently, but they’re only 2-5 mins long.