p/hop: putting the fun in fundraiser at unwind brighton

So Saturday morning, at Unwind Brighton you can find me at the p/hop table from 11am. p/hop is a knitting fundraiser for MSF. The slogan is pennies per hour of pleasure. There are volunteers slotted in all day, so the load isn’t too much for anyone.

“Choose your pattern, enjoy your knitting, make a donation. Turn your joy of knitting into vaccines, midwives, malaria treatments… See more at: http://www.p-hop.co.uk/”

There are currently 52 patterns you can purchase via donation. The first time I heard about p/hop was when I saw this lovely Southfields Sweater design by Miranda Jollie. They’ve done really well! Raised: 95% of target £45,325.47 raised of £47,500.00. I’m curious to find out how much they raise this weekend.

Volunteering for selfish reasons is OK, right?

They do calls out for event volunteers on their Ravelry group: p/hop. If you’re going to an event and have some extra time, do check it out.

I have to admit, I offered to help partially for selfish reasons! I have a fear of going to events and not talking to anyone and just being my generally shy self. I remember at a primary school event I went into the kitchen to help do dishes and the ladies were saying how nice I was. Truth is, I just feel better DOING something, and having a purpose. So I think sitting down to help sell some patterns is going to make it easier to meet people. And good people they are!

I just realized that p/hop’s fundraiser page is organised by Nathalie Fergie of the Yarn Yard, which has some wool and fibre I’ve been admiring. There’s lots of great people involved, likely very busy anyway, but they find the time to do this too. Pretty cool!

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