this is a scene from where i walk

5 very good knitting podcasts

this is a scene from where i walk
this is a scene from where i walk nearby

This isn’t ALL the knitting podcasts. These are just the ones I’ve really gotten into and listened to consistently.

Edited to add: I’ve since started watching video podcasts now that I’m spinning more and can knit for small stretches without looking. Check out 5 spinning and knitting video podcasts.

Some of these hosts are going to be at the Podcaster Meet-up at Unwind Brighton. 1pm, Saturday 12th July in the Mezzanine Café at the Corn Exchange. More info on A Playful Day. I actually thought it was just for podcasters, but it’s for anyone who wants to find out about podcasts! So I’m hoping to discover some more when I’m there. I like to listen to podcasts when I knit, or when I go for a walk. I used to listen exclusively to audio books. I have a hard time following fiction, so I usually listen to some popular science flavour of the month about happiness and brain science. I also listen to work-related podcasts, and was chuffed recently to be interviewed on a few. I like podcasts which have interviews, because they are conversational and engaging. The new “No Such Thing As a Fish” podcast from the QI elves is soooo good! Here are a few of my favourite knitting podcasts.

Knit British

Well to be fair, Knit British was the first knitting podcast I’ve listened to in any dedicated fashion. There’s minimal music, mainly at the end, and some nice natural sound effects to offset the sections. Knit British is a great podcast just about knitting. I’ve heard Louise’s needles clacking, and I was knitting while listening. Sort of felt like sitting with her. What I imagine it would be if I had a close friend that knit. She talks about what she’s working on, things you shouldn’t miss. And she also now does fun “on-location” interviews, and she has exclusive news she shares about events or other offers. I keep on forgetting she’s NOT coming to Unwind Brighton. 😦 Get a flavour: Episode 8.5. In her latest episode, she shared some news via an interview with Jess James, of Ginger Twist Studio, and designer Clare Devine about a new pattern series with a discount code. In Episode 8, she interviews a yarn dyer, George from Yarn Garden.

Curious Handmade

Because this podcast comes out frequently, you sort of want to follow along. I get sort of wrapped up in her story, and I’m cheering along for her. In one episode Helen spoke about quickly whipping up a design to enter in a contest. I was delighted she won! I had actually voted for her design before I connected it to her podcast, since I didn’t know her name at the time. Each episode has certain segments so she does talk about her current knitting projects. I thought it was hilarious that she shared her experience of locating a knitting pattern for a sweater, and then in a later episode: PLOT TWIST, it really turned out not to be the right design for her. Just the way it evolved, it had me laughin 🙂 But along the way you’re learning too. Helen has recently been recapping her experience Squam, which just sounds like a Shangri-la of creative fun. Right now, on her blog there’s a “Design along”, where each week you can vote to choose the next direction for the design. This week: Lace or Textured or BOTH? Helen WILL be at the Podcaster meet-up in Unwind Brighton, yep. Get a flavour: There are loads of great episodes. Just go subscribe! Episode CH 31: With Squam Art Workshops founder Elizabeth Duvivier, CH 28: Mindful knitting and a review of Love at First Stitch

A Playful Day

This podcast comes out frequently (2x a month), and there’s lots of news and up to date info about events. I just realized I don’t even know her name and I can’t seem to find it anywhere! She also speaks and writes about life in general too. We actually went and made pesto after I saw the pesto recipe on her blog. The Playful Day blog has also been coming down with tons of contests and freebies, so it’s certainly worth subscribing to. Her blog has features of small companies in the yarny world and independent designers. She’s been re-blogging great posts about being a small “indie” business. For example, this post Love Our Indies: Karie Westermann. It’s nearly infuriating to hear how difficult it is to do work in a sector where the handwork is so devalued. I feel like A Playful Day has a strong message and point of view. And it’s damned inspiring. It also makes me think about supporting the little guy and how I spend my time and money. And A Playful Day is organizing the Podcast meet-up, so she will certainly be there. Get a flavour: Interview with Emily Wessel of TinCanKnits – basically just dig into the archive!

Electric Sheep

this is a scene from where i walk
what i see when i’m out listening to podcasts. hard to find visuals for “podcasts”

Electric sheep seems to come out when it feels like it. So while Katie doesn’t have a consistent schedule, there’s great content if you dig into the archives. This means if you are new, there’s plenty to listen to!  In most of the podcasts, it sounds like she’s reading to you. This means the words are well-considered and it’s more like listening to a radio program than a podcast. I’m not sure if she’s coming to the podcast meetup. Get a flavour: Listen to Episode 111, an interview with Jared Flood. reflects the hosts’ style. Hannah Fettig’s designs with pure stockinette, and nothing to hide behind; or Pam Allens brand style. Sometimes you can see good artists have an incredible consistency to everything they do. I have to admit, I have a new pet peeve about too much music in podcasts. Some of the video podcasts are trying to be like breakfast television with long intros and over processed fluff. Not really for me. I decided I don’t really like video podcasts right now. (updated! I like them!)

So my next podcast recommendation is… Oh it’s refreshing in the minimal sound editing, so you have long unbroken stretches of chatter, and a little back tracking, as happens in real conversation. I know there is editing and they do plan the shows. But it has a very spontaneous feeling to it. Pam Allen and Hanah Fettig just start talking, all about yarn/design/technique. Not about events, not about life. They just get down to business. They start the series talking about Gauge, then Yarn, then design. It’s fascinating from end to end. Anyway I’m going to keep on the lookout for friendly, natural and relaxed podcasts. This team is based in the US, so I’m guessing they aren’t coming over, nope. Get a flavour: Basically listen to ALL of them, starting with Episode 1.

4 thoughts on “5 very good knitting podcasts”

  1. I can’t believe of all of these I’ve only tried out Knit British! I’m always looking for great podcasts – thanks for filling up my listening list!

    1. Oh now you have me intrigued! What podcasts do you listen to? I found it hard to find good ones at first. Many abandoned ones out there :/

      1. First I want to say, I LOVE! I’m about halfway through episode 4 and I’m hooked. I love hearing the little tips and tricks from the perspective of really talented designers. As for my list, in no particular order, Commuter Knitter, Elise Gets Crafty, Down Cellar Studio, Knitmore Girls, Actually Knitting, Susan B Anderson (video but worth it), Never Not Knitting, Savvy Girls, CogKNITive, Cast On, and Knitcircus. And This American Life and TED Talks just so that it’s not ALLLL knitting all the time. 🙂

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