Designing sweaters WITH kids

We zipped by and visited our nieces this weekend. I showed them the baby sweater I was making, and let them guess what the funny shapes were (spoiler: sleeves!) I also showed them the pattern I drew. So we quickly came up with the idea of them designing their own sweaters!

I think there’s a slight risk whenever you make something for anyone that they won’t like it. The saavy advice on Brooklyn Tweed’s blog is “to involve the child herself in the planning and execution of the knitting.” I also like her idea of letting the kids knit some of it too.

Here’s the designs we came up with… I drew the “body” of the jumper and they drew on the designs.

Gold stars and waves

R’s has one white sleeve, one with read and white stripes. Then light blue waves and gold stars. Not yellow, but GOLD, has to be shiny gold. She drew them like that, but made it clear she wants them to look like real stars, it’s just that she can’t draw them like that 🙂sweater-design-stars

Stripes and waves

C’s has diagonal stripes. And of course some GOLD stars like her big sister’s! She asked me to draw on the stars where she pointed.


Now I’m not sure my skills are up to snuff right now, but I love the idea. We had fun anyway and then we can see what can come of it. I think I’d knit a swatch or sample before going whole hog. Who knows, they might be over stars by the end of the summer!

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