Pinteresting pinners on Pinterest!

First there were “web logs”, where people would keep track of interesting finds as they trawled through the internet. Blogs brought up questions about image/video reuse and copyright. But now many people and brands realize it’s free advertising… If referenced properly. I noticed a few years ago, many crafty blogs were just people with a keen eye, collecting other people’s images.

So then along came Tumblr, which allowed reblogging content, where you didn’t really have to even bother adding a few extra words. But Tumblr is very very bad about referencing the source of images and that really bugs me.

Now there’s Pinterest, which seems to me is a blog reduced to the essential idea of “logging what you find”.  But here, you gather (pin) images which aren’t your own into boards to collect them into sort of scrapbooks. And then other people pin what they like onto their boards.

If you told someone of the idea for Pinterest in maybe 2004, they would have balked at the idea. (Flickr was OK, because people shared their own pictures.) There are still issues of copyright or reuse to sort out. But I think the overall benefits to artists to get their work seen and shared is greater than the usual risks of unfair use. Pinterest also allows you to report pins, and you can fix source links for pins.

And Pinterest has reduced the action of “logging” to the bare essential of collection. And it’s fun! One nice thing is that unlike Twitter, you can choose what content you want to follow. You don’t have to follow all boards by someone, but just choose which are interesting yo you. Here are some of my favorite Pinterest boards.

Nicole Dupuis, of (14k followers!)

If Pinterest was basically all pins by Nicole Dupuis, I’d still login to look around. Nicole has an incredibly consistent style and taste. This is Tricobsession if you love knitting! I do follow all of Nicole’s boards.

Nicole likes things a little worn, faded, muted, soft, mended and lived in.

Helen Richards,

Helen Richards has many great boards. I love her Creative Clothes board. There’s always something beautiful and sometimes challenging.

Also her board of her own work is lovely!

Dreamworld board by Nouf Aloz

I love this collection of lovely places. Sometimes there’s even pins of places in Ireland, and I’ve even gone to visit one in person, based on a pin!

Danica Suskin’s Big List of Everything (recently renamed great big list, I think?)

Danica is a stylist. I love that there’s no sub-boards, it’s just ALL GOOD STUFF, and she somehow manages to keep some kind of cohesive thread. Some random, some weird, some fun, some pretty, some striking. But visually compelling and a great board to mix in and keep your mind open 🙂

My own boards!

Of course I also often go back to my own boards, and lately I especially like this one for Crochet // Knit. It’s really nice to look at, because after all it’s many favorite things. 🙂 Sometimes I even forget what I have and Pinterest reminds me: you’ve already pinned that! So always worth checking back.

If you’re on pinterest, please leave a comment so I can see your boards.

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  1. I have a few board on Pinterest but I use my own photos. Don’t have much time to do this though…

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