The Green Party for Europe 2014

Because of my unplanned visit to the US, I’m missing the European elections in Northern Ireland, 22 May 2014.
lush green

There wasn’t enough time for me to arrange a vote by proxy/postal. If I was there I’d vote for the Greens to represent NI in Europe. Need some reasons to vote Green for 2014?


In honour of the Green Party, here’s some lovely green photos from the coastal walk way in North Down.

lush green

While all the descendents of the conflict era in Northern Ireland bicker over flegs, we’re flushing our poo in drinking water and generally managing the natural environment and resources so poorly…. that when future generations are scrambling for clean water, air and food- they’ll be cursing our stupidity and short-sightedness. Over the last couple of years, we’ve been rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.


Across the UK, the Green Party “has almost as many councillors as Ukip and more MPs, so why does the media so consistently ignore the Green party?” (guardian, 2013) Clearly not controversial enough.

combination of greens

Because it’s something that seems to blindingly obvious, yet no one can get a handle on it.

lichen 3

This really reminds me of “bike shedding” in software engineering. Everyone will have millions of opinions on the topics to which they can easily relate, but no one wants to tackle the really complex and dangerous topics.
lichen 2

A stronger green voice is needed in Europe now.