“Put a camel behind me”

Lest anyone read this blog here and think everything is hunky dory, it isn’t. Just occurred to me after I worked on the site this afternoon. Seemed like I forgot to mention something.

See, my dad still isn’t well. He’s still fighting to get enough oxygen into his lungs, and is unable to eat. He’s been in critical care for 4 weeks.

Last week, he asked me to take a photo of him getting the final part of his first swallow test. This was his first sip of actual water in weeks. He told me: “Put a camel behind me”… and so I did! This is my dad’s sense of humour, and I love it. It’s a good visual representation of basically how he feels: MORE ICE CHIPS PLEASE.

So I wanted to share this photo of a camel. This is a dromedary with one hump suited to the desert. Though, I’m pretty sure if you saw this camel, and you had some ice chips, you’d share them.

Sakkara Camel

Sakkara Camel by Ray Muzyka (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

I didn’t have my personal machine with me, so I didn’t have my normal photo editing app to use. Instead I used Pixlr which is free editor and I made the picture quickly and sent it around to my family. (Yay for lassos and layers in a free app!)

I can’t share the photo, out of respect for my dad. He’s not looking like himself lately. He’s not normally attached to so many tubes, you see.

I was also ill these past few days, and because I was sick I couldn’t even visit my dad. This was exceedingly frustrating and sad. Tears have been shed. Tears have been shed.

Anyway, I’ve queued up some posts which will come out this week, but… I just wanted to say: no, everything isn’t hunky dory.

Thankfully I have an awesome job with the best team ever, and I can get some additional time off. I can see stuff piling up in a scary TODO tower, but it seems tiny in comparison to what my dad is going through.

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  1. Aw Heather, I’m so sorry to hear that your dad isn’t well. It’s a miracle anyone can keep a sense of humour through that kind of illness. ❤

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