Why I moved from blogger to wordpress.com

I really like Google. I really do! But when one of their products starts to look abandoned it’s a sign they might be ditching it soon. I had to move from Blogger.com to WordPress.com

Blogger pros!

  • I had my custom domain pointing to my blogger site. For freeeeee.
  • I liked all of the blogger tools for layout and CSS customization. All for freeeeeee.
  • I loved that you could easily add scripts to embed various widgets either into your sidebar or your posts. Nice!

Blogger cons!

blogger yuck button

I never noticed this before, but the other day when I was out and about, I clicked the “next blog” button on my site. It brought me to a porn star’s personal site. Nice. Back button, try again. Asian girls in nighties. Nice. It seemed that every other link was yucky and dirty or abandoned and weird sites. Just a click away! What a gross feature, and considering I would never use it, I can’t figure out why they have it. I was totally happy to display ads on my site, but this is not cool.

Why I chose WordPress.com

I work in the web world for my day job. And I really don’t want to maintain software.

WordPress is especially bad if you’re self-hosting. You could quickly find yourself hosting a spamtastic site. Once I neglected upgrading my own wordpress self-hosted site, and my hosting company shut down my site after discovering a script I had used for my contact form was sending thousands of spam emails everyday. Weee!

Other options I considered

  • I really like Squarespace.com – but I didn’t like the idea of locking into proprietary software. The price was comparable, and I’d probably have gone with them if they used an open-source model like WordPress.com
  • I also like DrupalGardens.com – since that is my company’s product. But I like the bells and whistles that come out of the box with WordPress.com for generic blogs, like scheduling posts. If I had a more complex site or something collaborative, I’d use DG for sure!