Ingenuity: Sirka Row Counter

Since I’m in the US I wanted to purchase some items that I’ve been admiring.

The Sirka counter was designed to handle “at the same time” instruction. It’s really more than a row counter, and looks very different from any row counters designed to date.

So if you have say, a top down raglan with shaping, and buttons, and a pattern repeat- this would be the counter to help you. Instead for 4-5 pieces of paper you carry with you, and lose. I am only working on my first sweater, but when I saw this little machine it made perfect sense to me.

I love that this row counter is made by people who earn a living wage.

When I visit the US, I always notice little engineering companies. Small manufacturing is really all over the place. It’s something I don’t see too much of in Ireland/N. Ireland. I think these small companies benefit from having free access to a larger market, and larger manufacturers who buy their component parts.

Unboxing the Sirka Counter

This is how nicely packaged it was. 

And here it is, unwrapped!

The Sirka Counter Demo

I don’t have my cardigan on this trip with me, but I’m keen to try using it. I’ll start with my current shawl, which isn’t that complex really.

I have to say, I found this product demo very funny 🙂