Cast on and rip out. Looking for patterns for short change variegated yarns

I wanted to work on something with thicker yarn. I got this Colinette Art yarn, it’s wool + viscose. Looks so pretty in the skein, but I picked entirely the wrong pattern for it.

You can’t see the leaves in the Saroyan pattern really at all. The leaves are totally lost.

I tried in a 5mm (on the right) then 6mm needle (on the left). I finished the first one on the plane in about 2 hours. The other took me about 3 days in the hospital. I thought I’d have loads of time visiting my dad in hospital. But he was awake, then sleeping, then awake, then sleeping. Then there were people visiting, wound cleaning, swabbing, tooth brushing, bed moving, etc. I don’t see how he gets any rest, when I couldn’t even get any knitting done. Also, you have to wear these rubber gloves which makes everything exceedingly difficult.

Alternative ideas and patterns for short variegated yarns

Clearly a texture like this with leaves made from increases and decreases is totally lost. I’m not sure I chose well here. And I probably wouldn’t buy variegated yarn EVER AGAIN IN MY WHOLE LIFE now that I know the hell of pooling.

I think patterns with some purl/knit combo help bring out the variegated yarns. And having some yarn overs and increases/shaping can help avoid the dreaded pooling. Sorry I just don’t like pooling. OK planned pooling does look cool.

It seems that slipped stitches are generally considered to be pool-defying (see Pool defying sock patterns). But then I find that fabric a bit thick. The yarns I’m using is already quite thick.  That article also mentions entrelac.

This article Knit stitches for variegated yarns provides some example stitch patterns, and she follows up with brioche and feather and fan. Overall it seems like it needs a texture.

It looks like crochet would be a good bet for short yarn colour changes. But my yarn is already so thick, this wouldn’t make a nice fabric in crochet.

Here are some interesting patterns which seem to fit the bill. Though maybe not what I was expecting to make and not appropriate for my yarn weight.

2 thoughts on “Cast on and rip out. Looking for patterns for short change variegated yarns”

  1. I find that lace and cables don't play well with variegated yarn – yarnovers and increases/decreases get just as muddied and lost in variegation as these leaves do. I usually knit something in plain stockinette if the color changes aren't drastic enough to cause ugly pooling (that is, if the colors are more “tonal” than “variegated” per se). For more colorfully variegated yarns, moss stitch and slipped stitch or linen stitch give the yarn a chance to bring out the contrast between stitches – they shift the position of individual stitches slightly up or down so that their color stands out against the stitches of the row above or below them, rather than getting lost in those next to them.

    1. I like that idea! I could have done a moss stitch for sure. I will also look up the linen stitch.

      I ended up finding that it worked well with the Sale Stitch. So that even though the lace pattern sort of gets lost the waves show up nicely!

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