Serious FOMO: Ysolde Teague workshop in Dublin

Thankfully my dad, and his oxygen
tanks got out before this got out of hand

When my dad’s car caught on fire (but he escaped unscathed), it occurred to me: I should really go for a visit. When his lung collapsed and he ended up in the hospital, I thought: you know, a visit might really cheer him up. When he ended up needing his 3rd surgery/procedure in a week: it became blindingly obvious: get over there, get over yourself.

FOMO, yo. FOMO. 

I have an awkward situation with my own health, and work stuff which meant the only time I could visit my dad would mean I am going to miss the shawl design workshop with Ysolde Teague at This is Knit.

I’m also missing my own 3(!) workshops for Drupal Open Days on May 16th! One is already booked up, so cancelling was not an option. For that we’re going to resolve by doing it remotely, with help on the ground. 🙂

I feel shitty, horrible and selfish saying this: But I’m really gutted that I’m missing her workshop. I feel like a having a toddler tantrum. Now that I know what FOMO means (See Knit British, episode 6), I’m pretty sure I’m afflicted with it terribly.

I was just at This Is Knit over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed my sock knitting class. So, yeah, I’m not going to get much sympathy.

You should go instead of me! May 17th, This is Knit, Dublin

Ysolda’s designs are wildly popular because they are not only beautiful but also clever in their construction.

Here you can see happy people participating in the same shawl design workshop Ysolda gave in Amsterdam.

There are 2 spaces available on the workshop. And I think you should join them!
Go here and search for Shawl Design Workshop, with Ysolda Teague.

Shedding a tiny tear. Tiny tear.

But that is outweighed by the relief I feel knowing I’ll be visiting my dad soon. All of his kids are going to be there and now we can talk about having some fun, a party, and celebrate him getting better. Because, dammit this shit has to stop and he is getting better. End of.

My amazing shawl idea *sigh* which will never be!

I love that there’s ‘homework’ for the workshop.

I was having delusions of grandeur that I could make a shawl design which was modern/geometric but also “treesy”, in a nice thick warm wool. 

Of course I didn’t get far with swatching. Clearly I would have to resolve the stockinette v reverse stockinette issue in some way, and decide on the tension which makes drapey fabric but still has enough texture contrast.

Anyway, I’ll have to shelve it, and hopefully catch her at another event, where her workshops invariably sell out!

4 thoughts on “Serious FOMO: Ysolde Teague workshop in Dublin”

  1. I really like the ideas for your shawls and hope you get to one of Ysolda's classes in the future. It sounds like you made the right choice.

  2. These sound like lovely workshops! Having to walk away from them sounds like an agonizing choice, but you know it's the right one. I really hope that your father's health improves soon.

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