I learned how to make socks!! This is Knit, Dublin.

It was Local Yarn Shop day in the UK on Saturday, but instead I ended up in a great yarn shop in Dublin: This Is Knit. They really should expand this special holiday all over the world!

I would have visited my lovely LYS, Textile Studio, but I couldn’t resist the chance to learn how to make socks. I work with learning technology, instructional design and e-learning in my real life. But I really really love learning from people. We can work to develop the best learning software but there’s nothing like a human. It’s wonderful.

This Is Knit also have places on the Ysolda Teague Shawl Design Workshop. You should sign up to this one of a kind awesomeness. Click through from their workshops page to see the list of events: Knitting and crochet courses in Dublin. 

Sign in This is Knit workshop area
The sign in This is Knit workshop area

The Sock Course with Helen!

My teacher was HelenMc. She was so good! Thank you, Helen!

She helped me get over the humps where you’re just trying to understand it intellectually, but your brain just needs to do the action to feel the right movement, and lock it into place. Helen taught me Judy’s Magic Cast On. After a few times, the light dawned on me when she showed me how the cast-on stitches made a purl side and knit side. I literally exclaimed: “IT’S MAGIC!”

Helen arrived with two tiny sample socks. They both follow the same pattern with the same number of stitches. The wibble purple one is with sock yarn, the relatively gigantic one is in DK weight. But oh dear how cute.

Here, Helen is showing me how to start the magic trick.

After the lesson was over, this is the state of my ridiculous little sock. Compare that with Helen’s!

I did my second mini sock on my way home. I think it came out better. See the red one below?

Ok I won’t turn this into a yarn review. The blue one is Studio Donegal tweed, single ply, which is so lovely especially after it’s washed. So soft. The red is Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester, three ply. That looks dyed in the wool, with glistening golden highlights in a rich red. Wow.

Anyway, I fully recommend workshops at This is Knit. They have a nice workshop area in the mezzanine floor.

First sock on the left, second on the right!

Also, this history of British Socks, by Kate Davies is very good!