The Scottish porage drawer

I tasted a cloud the first time I had Scottish porage on our trip recently. 

It was divine the first morning at New Lanark Mills hotel. However when I ordered the porage on day 2 and it was a sticky, thick hellish mess, and I was incensed. I had only just discovered the loveliest breakfast thing in the world, and this was offensive. Day 3 I was more clever. I asked the waiter how the porridge was today, he confirmed it was sticky and solid. I skipped it that day. Turns out they have a week day chef and weekend chef with differing opinions… About a lot of things.

This was the sticky mass I was served. Ewww. Do people like it this way? Cold and sticky with a skin on it? We had heard about the Porage Drawer in our various visits to museums. Apparently you lay in the days porrige. The next day you cut out servings. Yum? Maybe this is traditional?

Below, this is one I have had every day this week. It’s Hamlyns Scottish Porage. It’s wonderful. I couldn’t decide between savoury v sweet. So did butter and maple syrup. It’s very different than Flahavans oats. I’m not an oats aficionado but you can see this one is roughly cut and not flattened.


Highly recommended!

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  1. The porage/porridge in the second picture looks absolutely divine. I can totally understand your devastation at being served the cold sticky mess instead!

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