Going to Scotland! Visiting New Lanark Mill

I couldn’t quite convince my husband about going to Wales this coming weekend. Where I could “just pop into” Wonderwool. But when he said “Scotland” and “Ferry” it quickly brought to mind, New Lanark Mills.

Nice thing is, you can get both the tour of the woolen mill, but also a good history of “utopian socialism” and the work Robert Owen did to improve workers’ lives. Bonus: It’s also a World Heritage Site.

The fact that it just *happens* to have a yarn shop is, you know, a coincidence, right? By buying the wool, you’re practically donating. I mean it’s a registered charity!

We’re also staying in the mill hotel which I think is a pretty good deal. More info about all the attractions: http://newlanark.org/

Very excited to see an actual woolen mill and see Scotland again.

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