Visited Loop Knitting, yarn shop in London

I was able to visit London two weekends ago to meet with a friend who was there from the US for work. So very lucky 🙂 Got to stay in her hotel room, which helped me rationalize yarn purchasing at Loop Knitting London.

After a nice brunch on Sunday, we wandered around an bit, and I sort of loitered at the shop until it opened. I remarked to my friend that I felt like a groupie. Which my friend decided to tell the sales lady later, and she said “Well, we encourage it!” 

It’s a comfortable shop, and it’s expanded since the last time I was there to two floors. My friend has mobility issues with her foot, but when she got upstairs they had a couch where she could sit, while I poured over the yarn.

They have pretty displays, and loads of stock. The staff are super friendly and helpful. Though they were busy tidying stock I got lots of advice and recommendations.


Decided on the first sweater project: Annabel cardigan

A friend at the knitting meet-up said: “Raglan, Top Down” for my first knitting project. So I hunted for something in a chunky fast-moving yarn.

At the Loop shop, I was able to look at a sample of the exact pattern I wanted to try. They blogged about the Annabel cardigan in their post on Quince and Co yarns. I wanted to try some Quince and Co yarns after learning about their company.

Useful links about the Annabel cardigan