Addicted to Sheep fundraising

Visiting my sister's family's sheep in Donegal
Visiting my sister’s family’s sheep in Donegal

I was visiting my sister’s family this weekend, they are sheepfarming.

It was lovely to see the lambs.

It reminded me of the Addicted to Sheep film, to make sure I donated by April 30th.

I hope she raises enough.

Addicted to Sheep: A film about a sheepfarming family

Addicted to Sheep is a film in progress, fundraising for the final stretch of editing and processing. All of the filming has been done. The director is raising funds to help her complete it.

You can support the film here. Here’s a sneak preview.

Addicted to Sheep – 3 minutes Taster from Magali Pettier on Vimeo.

More sheep!

Just wanted to add some photos I took this weekend. How cute is this little lamb? And my nephew 🙂

My nephew was guessing this lamb was about 2 days old, the umbilical cord, still attached, was soft.

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