Completing the purple hexagon afghan

Again, another installment of changing my goals so I can improve my completion rate!

I bought this massive amount of hand-dyed wool about 10 years ago I think. I started on an interminable afghan project about 9 years ago. After completing ONE actual afghan I discovered if something doesn’t have a certain level of challenge to it, it’s boring. And problem is, as you start working on something you get better at it, and… then the boredom sets in. I’m guessing that’s why I have one massive ball of wool and not much to show for it.

So I referred to the Afghan size guide. I would have nearly enough done for the smallest option, a preemie/pet blanket at 15″-24″.  I would like to make something for the cats. I think that the crochet might get little paws stuck in them so I’m going to make it a little larger and then see how felting works out.

So now, like my other afghan project I’ve bumped this from 10% done to 60% done. Ha ha!

Here’s the to-do list

  • 1 more hexagon to make a square.
  • 4 half hexagons to flatten out the sides.
  • 1 hexagon to hand felt see what % it felts.
  • Choose a decorative join.
  • Add a wide edging, wide enough to compensate for felting %.
  • Felt it!

Decorative edging and joins

I’d like to do something more decorative, since the hexagons are pretty boring. Maybe join so there are triangles? Here’s a cool idea to put little triangles in between the hexagons. But I’m not going to use a second colour for this. I’ll see if I can find some decorative triangle motifs.

I don’t know. But I will likely square off the sides. I like this with the wavy edge.

How to hand-felt your knits: A tutorial by Duo Fiberworks

This book looks pretty amazing, The Knitted Slipper Book. She has a whole load of technique videos. Here’s the one I’ll follow for hand felting this pet blanket. Love the shaving part!!