I supported Dreaming of Shetland

I noticed that I felt compelled to “share” and post about my supporting the Knitsonic campaign, though it’s not the first wooly fundraiser I gave to.

Friends of Deb Robson organized to create a fundraiser for “Dreaming of Shetland” (website). You visit the site, give $20 and you get an e-book. The patterns and articles in the book are donated by friends of hers. 

I really love this idea.  It is helping Deb continue deeper research into the Shetland wools, more info on her site about the background. And bonus: you get some nice patterns! Here you can see the patterns from the book. I love this Walden Waves Wrap.

Thoughts on arts fundraising

In terms of fundraising, I don’t know if the Kickstarter model would have been a greater risk for the Dreaming of Shetlands project. There are other funding platforms which allow you to keep 100% of proceeds if you don’t reach the goal. With Kickstarter if you don’t get the goal, it doesn’t go through. I think this is to get people to think about the minimum budget they would need to fulfill their promises.

With the Dreaming of Shetland direct-funding project, Deb can continue to generate some income from sales. I just don’t know if it missed out from the urgency of a “campaign” and the visibility that kick starter offers. 

Maybe all the site needs are some “share this” links? Also, follow up newsletters to keep people talking about the project. All of the social media tools are there and freely available, but they take time and skills to take advantage of them. I can see why many artists have a hard time accessing it.