Knitsonic – kick starter campaign

I just backed Felicity Ford’s campaign “Knitsonic” more info here. The project has reached it’s goal yesterday!

I have to say, colour work is not at all attracting me. I love the way it looks, but considering I’m struggling with manipulating ONE strand of wool, I don’t think I’m ready to attempt colourwork. With that said, maybe by the time the book comes out, I’ll be able to tackle it.

So I backed it so I’d get a copy of the book. Seems like a pretty good deal to me!

About the campaign

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Because it’s on a blog tour, I had come across it, but the thing which tipped it was this interview. I love that she’s capturing a soundscape…something elusive, and lost. With noise pollution, the sound scape has changed. And so many things not captured.

“The sound of knitting with a belt – which you kindly allowed me to record – is also I think very specific to Shetland. I’m not sure anywhere else has a history of knitting that way, and the clacking of long steel needles and the rhythm of the needles being changed in the belt are a sound which many Shetlanders speak of as being important in their memory of growing up on the isles.”

That touched me because I know the thunking clack of my Nana’s aluminum needles. I was reminded of it when I bought these 6.5 mm metal needles. But they are more of a “tink”. Really not the same sound at all. So funny! Sound and scent are very evocative.

Great fundraising & awareness

I have to say it’s a very effective campaign, and I’m so impressed. She has incredible organization to move people and get action. Few artists have the skills to do these tasks, never mind the wherewithal to stick with it.

  • FB and Twitter account
  • Kickstarter campaign encourages sharing “social proof”. 
  • Blog tour

Felicity is also a co-founder of the Woolvember (manifesto) campaign which I obviously missed since I wasn’t in wool world last November.

It’s quite awesome and I’m fully impressed. I wish the project the best.