Leftie finished!

My Leftie is complete! Maybe this wasn’t an ideal beginner pattern, but I did learn loads!

I had to pull out all the weaving in I did first, because it was not allowing the knit to stretch. The Very Pink Knits tutorial is very good.

This is how it looked before blocking. I love the little curl at the end.


I mentioned in our last knitting meet-up all the errors in the earlier parts; how this sort of turned out like a record of me trying to get more consistent tension…  I was saying that my friend I’m making this for is really *uncompromising* in her own life. This gift is full of compromises… simply to just get this DONE. I had to decide at some point I wasn’t going to rip out anymore, but just get on with it!

The lady at my knitting meet up thought it might be good for my friend, to see something flawed could be lovely. What a nice idea. And anyway, there are plenty of flaws for S. to ponder. Anyway, I told her that I thought of her while I made it, and to think of it as a hug. Because right now, S. needs a hug.

I blocked this the night before, and the next morning I missed getting a photo. I didn’t even get a decent photo of my friend wearing it. She did seem delighted with it, despite her expression in this pic 🙂

Yarn pairings

This is a lovely pattern I’d do it again, but not in this yarn. I had made 5 attempts to use the same yarn combo in a “Dream stripes” pattern, but it wasn’t working, the sides were puckering.  I’ve decided it was the yarn/needles combo which caused the trouble.

I think there are good “yarn/needle pairings” like good wine pairings. Slippery metal needles + Alpaca isn’t a good one for me!

I was using Addi needles, which were brass. I loved the long taper, but I didn’t like the smell. Also, since they were slippery, and the yarn was slippery, it was drop stitch madness~ And um, picking up dropped stitches in garter isn’t fun.

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