I got a ball winder, it is mezmerizing

I got a ball winder (SGI Jewellery Ltd Red & Beige Hand Operated) and a swift (SGI LTD Knitting – Wooden Swift Yarn Winder Holder). I do regret getting el cheapo model. The more expensive ones are more than double the price, but then again… this hunk of plastic is going to be around for a while.

With that said it works. The guide doesn’t stay up particularly well, and the worst that could happen did. The wool dropped when the guide fell down, and it wound around the gear. Tricky to get out, but lesson learned: hold the guide and watch like a hawk.

The swift was beauteous though as it moved. Mezmerizing. And the balls look like little sculptures. I love the deep caverns in the cakes. I got the idea for loo roll centers from somewhere. Our loo rolls are too narrow to fit around the ball winder, so I sort of slide the cake onto the loo roll.

I don’t want centre-pull cakes, as I find the wool twists as I work. So I want to pull from the outside. 

I can’t find the original place I saw this idea. You use a shoebox, and some sticks, and the wool rolls around the sticks! Something like this I think: