A tacfile element: Dissent in Gotland

I made some progress on Dissent in Gotland. Love this pattern. I’m ignoring the puckering I’m getting. it’s because I’m trying to learn to improve my tension. Hoping it sorts out in blocking.

I found this quote on Ravelry, on “Cornish Tin Socks” by LaraFi.

“They’re really rough and gritty, but I like that because they feel good and natural. I love knitting with wool because it feels like something – it has a texture. When you knit with synthetic fibres it doesn’t always have that tactile element to it.”

She was writing about Gotland 4-ply by Blacker Yarns. I have to agree, it’s such a different sensation. Knitting with this yarn feels more like knitting with a rough flax, if you’ve ever handled that. It’s dry and sticky/catchy.

I washed a swatch in Eucalan, so I know it’s going to be more drapey. The swatch was done in 3.50mm needles, but that looked too open. So I moved down to 3mm. I did try 2.75, but that was too small.