Making great progress on the hexagon afghan

My goals for 2014 are to FINISH projects. Particularly ones which have been languishing for a while. And I’m reflecting on exactly why projects weren’t finished in the first place.

I love this join-as-you-go Hexagon pattern (project in Ravelry). I’m doing this in random balls of washable DK weight merino. Here’s a good tutorial on Hexagons with Attic24.

In this case I think the goal was a bit lofty. It was recently marked as 20% done at 28″ x 25″ approx so far. I was thinking I’d get a coverlet for a single bed (ha!). I started getting OCD and decided I wanted *every single hexagon to be unique*. That’s insane right? And off-putting of course. Let’s be realistic. I’m just not going to do that.

Today I marked it as 60% done, without picking up my hook once! I’m going to make a knee-rug. Here’s a good guide on Afghan sizes. A Lapghan I think is what we’d call a knee rug. 36″ x 48″. This makes the whole task more manageable and I can break it down.

  • 14 more hexagons to complete the smaller section.
  • 7 to join the two parts.
  • Even out the hexagon edges with 10 half-hexagons around the sides
  • Crochet a nice edging, using this tutorial by Dover & Madden.

Now I think I can start chipping away at this! I’ve already started on my final set of whole hexagons too 🙂 I match the colors and keep the balls in a bag otherwise it’s a hellish mess.

A hexagon afghan edging – tutorial by Dover and Madden.

I love how it has multiple colors poking through around the edges. I’ll see whatever wool I have the most of.

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