A perfect match: Gotland wool and Dissent by Lisa Mutch

To be fair, Lisa Mutch dyes her own lovely yarns for her patterns, so she probably has a better idea of a perfect match. While I wait patiently to receive her yarns from her yarn club, I want to start on the Dissent project.

I think that Blacker Yarns Gotland 4 ply is perfect for this. It has a lovely lustre, strength, and texture. The grey is from the fibre itself, which is just amazing. It’s not dyed but by nature!

Here are the three Gotland wool colours in 4 ply at Blacker Yarns.

Three colours of Gotland Wool from Blacker Yarns

Dissent – a crescent shawl by Lisa Mutch

Here is the Dissent pattern on Ravelry.

I was initially attracted to this pattern because it was similar to the popular Color Affection. It was crescent, short rows, and striped. It looks modern and cool. I preferred Dissent because of a more dynamic solid colour section; and it also uses less yarn 🙂

Gotland wool by Blacker Yarns

I’m using the Pale Gotland and Dark Gotland from Blacker Yarns for this project.

This just feels like luxury. It’s not merino-soft in the skein. Even though the longwools are not ridiculously soft, they feel and look luxurious. I wish I had better words to describe it!

Anyway, I rarely bare my arms and this won’t be directly next to my skin. 

This is what the wool looks like on the creature!