Learning cables – Aran yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners

There’s a kind of mad sale on Craftsy now apparently. All classes up to 50% off. Here’s the knitting ones on sale.

Two great cables courses on sale

  • Explorations in Cables – with Patty Lyons. I’ve started this and she is so awesome. She’s funny and entertaining, and she has lots of tricks and insights.
  • Celtic Cables – with Carol Feller. I took her short rows course and she’s very thorough and clear. This is a crazy stretch goal for me. So it might be that I’ll be knitting along in my garter stitch while I watch her. I would love to make a cable sweater someday. This one looks great!

Since part of my job is e-learning, I consider this partly research *ahem*.

BFL from West Yorkshire Spinners – Lush and soft!

Yarn for cables Bluefaced Leicester from West Yorkshire Spinners – lush!

The yarn Patty uses is Lion’s Brand, a venerable old brand in the US available in all craft shops… but not here. As I’m trying to “knit local” I’ve chosen this amazing yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners. Wow, it’s crazy soft. I got one Aran weight, and two DK weight in two colours.

These prices are sooo good!

Lovely, so nice.

Last thing I need is a cable needle. I might McGyver one if I can’t get to a knitting shop this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Learning cables – Aran yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners

  1. If you have a spare, small double pointed needle it will work as a cable needle substitute 😉 I've even used a toothpick in a pinch on small yarn.

    Really enjoyed reading through your blog – I found it from Ravelry!

  2. Thank you, Cary! I don't have any double pointed needles yet, but then after I read your suggestion it occurred to me I could be using interchangeable needles. Of course in my knitting group yesterday his lady was working in a complex cable pattern and she said she uses no needles at all! Anyway I've gone and bought two cable needles. Should keep me busy today 😉

    Thanks for my first comment ~~

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