Knitting local

Online you’re sort of inundated with North American culture and products. So much so that it starts to look like the best products are from there. They must be, since they are apparently widely used.

I kept on seeing a yarn madelinetosh mentioned in many patterns. In a UK knitters group on Ravelry, I saw an ad for, they advertised low shipping costs world wide. The yarn there looks much cheaper than yarn in the UK, for the level of quality you get. Very tempting.

I sensed there was more to it, of course you could get stung in import taxes. I asked in the UK knitters group on Ravelry.

The responses made it clear:

  • The packages would be subject to VAT + Additional import taxes.
  • Hand dyed UK yarn is actually really good value.
  • There are many yarn producers of all qualities, sizes and price points in the UK. 
  • The independent dyers and spinners aren’t making a huge margin on their work.

There’s loads of great quality British and Irish yarns, unique products which people from other parts of the world actually want.

I hadn’t even really thought about it before that. This got me interested in looking at British yarns. There were loads of recommendations and links. Louise of Knit British did knit only British wools last year and she plans on doing it this year as well.

The first one I ordered online was Fyberspates Vivacious DK. It is lovely dyed yarn lots of variation in the magentas from cooler to warm. I wish I had the words to describe it better. I’d like to learn more about it so I could explain!

I used that for the Baktus I made for my lovely sister in law. I loved that pattern, and missed it when it was over. Knit, increasing every 4 rows. Weigh your yarn, when you’re 1/2 way, then start decreasing. It was a great recommendation from Lezlie at Textile Studio in Belfast. Perfect for a beginner like me 🙂