Rip back and re-do

I should know this about myself. Better to just rip-back and redo as soon as I notice something wrong. In this case, pooling.

The pattern is Hitchhiker by Martina Behm which I’m making for my sister.

I started by alternating 2 complementing colors of the same yarn, Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend. Once I ran out of the green, I started noticing the pooling. Big chunks of pink green and peach. I don’t like pooling, not for this anyway. There’s a whole group on Ravelry of people who love pooling and do it on purpose.

Once I noticed, I tried to start alternating colors. But I joined in a stupid way, and it was looking crazy lumpy. So now I had a big chunk of pooling, and then a big lumpy worm of yarn in this shawl.

But I knit on! I knit anyway! I was going to be freeeeee and not care~ Wee! Nope. Woke up and the thought of it was like nails on a chalk board. Couldn’t rip it out til lunch time today.  Glad I did, I’d have hated it otherwise. Just recording this so I remember.

Now I’m looking forward to knitting it again. I love the thick yarn, total pleasure to knit.